11 June 2013

Moths at Barcaldine Primary School

On the night of Monday 10 June I set up the LNHG moth trap at Barcaldine School, and the next morning, with the help of Rosy Thomson and the staff and pupils, we examined the moths and worked out what they all were.  We caught 49 moths of 29 different species (and a wasp).  Here are their photos, with the number of each kind in brackets after the name.

Elephant Hawkmoth (1)


Small Phoenix (3)

Clouded-bordered Brindle, pale form (2)


Clouded-bordered Brindle, dark form (2)


Spectacle (3)

Foxglove Pug (3)

Lunar Thorn (1)

Pale-shouldered Brocade (3)


Dark Brocade (2)

Buff Tip (2)


White Ermine (2)

Broken-barred Carpet (1)


Grey Pine Carpet (1)

Scorched Wing (2)


Brown Silver-line (2)

Knot-grass (1)


Lychnis (1)

Pale Prominent (1)

Clouded Border (underside) (2)


Least Black Arches (2)

Water Carpet (1)


Green Carpet (1)

May Highflyer (2)


Red-green Carpet (1)

Garden Carpet (1)


Flame Carpet (2)

Scalloped Hazel (1)


Norwegian Wasp (1)

I only got poor photos of the remaining three, but to complete the set here they are.

Buff Ermine (1)


Common Wave (1)


Brown Rustic (1)

A bit thankyou to everyone who took part, and to all the moths who came to visit!  We now know a bit more about what's flying around Barcaldine while we sleep - but there are plenty of others out there yet to be discovered!

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