Field Trip Reports


This page links to reports of LNHG field trips and other events involving LNHG members.  There have been many other trips whose reports have not yet been written up.  These will be added to this list when they are done.  Thank you for your patience!

12 March 2016  

Strone Hill woods

13 February 2016  

Glen Nant field trip and Plantlife leaflet launch

14 February 2015   North Shian field trip
27 January 2015  

Glen Creran Woods

30 December 2014  

Ganavan field trip

13 December 2014  

North Creagan field trip

25 November 2014  

Sustrans Cycle Track, Lettershuna to Lurignish

15 November 2014  

From Cologin to Loch Gleann a'Bhearraidh

12 November 2014  

Lismore, south end

28 October 2014  

Kentallen field trip

18 October 2014  

Joint Foray with Clyde & Argyll Fungus Group at Fearnoch

15 October 2014  

Sixth Annual Waxcap Wander, Baileouchdarch, Lismore

30 September 2014  

Moth traps, bird ringing and fungus walk at Lagganbeg, Glen Euchar

25 March 2014  

Sustrans cycle track south-east from Appin

15 March 2014  

River Avich walk

15 February 2014  

Ballachuan Hazelwood

28 January 2014  

North Shian field trip

18 January 2014  

Port Appin field trip

29 October 2013  

Loch Balnagowan, Lismore

9 October 2013  

Fifth Annual Waxcap Wander, Ellenabeich, Seil

24 September 2013  

Appin field trip

14 September 2013  

Field trip to Loch Tralaig

30 July 2013  

Field trip to Loch na Sreinge

13 July 2013  

Walk to Port na Moralachd, Lismore

19 June 2013  

Moths at Ardchattan Primary School

11 June 2013  

Moths at Barcaldine Primary School


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