Species of the Month - April 2017

Greater Stitchwort

Stellaria holostea

Stellaria holostea

Greater Stitchwort is a woodland plant that flowers in April and May, taking advantage of the light that reaches the woodland floor before the canopy closes over, and providing food for spring insects, such as this hoverfly, Platycheirus albimanus, which pollinate the plant in return.

Stellaria holostea   Stellaria holostea

The five petals are each divided to about halfway, and are about twice as long as the green sepals.  This distinguishes it from the Lesser Stitchwort, whose petals are divided almost to the base and are not a lot longer than the sepals.  Lesser Stitchwort has much smaller flowers than Greater Stitchwort and appears later in the year.

Stellaria holostea    Stellaria holostea

The leaves are narrow and grass-like, held close to the stem until flowering when they spread out at a wide angle.  The stems are square and rather weak, often using the support of other vegetation to keep upright.

Stellaria holostea   Stellaria holostea

The flowers have 10 stamens in two rings of 5, which each stand upright in turn.  When these begin to fade, three styles appear in the centre of the flower.  Then as the petals wither the capsule expands to a gooseberry-green globe containing the seeds, which it releases when ripe.

Stellaria holostea

Greater Stitchwort often grows with Bluebells.  It begins to flower before the Bluebells come out, but continues flowering along with them.

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