Species of the Month - April 2018

Three-nerved Sandwort

Moehringia trinervia

Moehringia trinveria   Moehringia trinveria

This month's species looks similar to Chickweed at first glance but is much less common.  Its 5 petals are rounded, not notched or divided like those of chickweeds and stitchworts.  The white petals are shorter than the green sepals.  In an open flower the calyx (sepals) is about 6-10 mm across, but the corolla (petals) is about 4-7 mm in diameter.

Moehringia trinervia


  Moehringia trinervia

The flower has 10 stamens and 3 styles.  The leaves have 3 main veins (sometimes 5 can be seen) and have tiny spine-like hairs all round the edge.  The sepals are also 3-veined.

Moehringia trinervia

The flowers are solitary, each on a long stalk arising singly from a leaf axil.  The stalk lengthens even further in fruit.  The fruit is a round capsule containing black seeds.

Moehringia trinervia   Moehringia trinervia

The plant is normally annual but can occasionally overwinter.  It occurs in woods and on mossy walls and partly shaded roadside banks, preferring dry, neutral and fairly rich soils.  It is near the edge of its range in Argyll, with scattered records further up the west coast to Gairloch.

Moehringia trinervia

Three-nerved Sandwort straggling among other young vegetation in the wooded gorge of a hill burn.  Here it flowers before the tree canopy closes over, and attracts early flying insects seeking nectar.  In more open places it can flower at any time during the summer.

Moehringia trinervia

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