Species of the Month - April 2019

 Hairy Woodrush

Luzula pilosa

Luzula pilosa

Woodrushes (Luzula sp.) differ from Rushes (Juncus sp.) in having long white hairs on the leaves, which are grass-like.  The 4 common woodrush species all come out early in the year; they are Field Woodrush (Apr 2016 Species of the Month), Great Woodrush, Heath Woodrush and Hairy Woodrush.  Hairy Woodrush is small like Field and Heath Woodrushes, but has each flower on its own individual stalk.  The flowers are not at all clustered together but radiate out from the top of the stem.  In Field and Heath Woodrushes the flowers are in clusters at the end of stalks, or directly at the stem top.

Great Woodrush (Luzula sylvatica) also has flowers on individual stalks, but this is a much larger plant whose broad dark green leaves carpet the ground in woodland and whose stems are sturdy with a branched inflorescence, the flower stalks radiating from the tips of each branch.  Hairy Woodrush is a delicate little plant, usually found in small numbers on shady banks or woodland edge.

Luzula pilosa

The flowers are like those of rushes, with 6 brown tepals (not differentiated into petals and sepals), 6 stamens and 3 stigmas.  The tepals have a broad whitish edge and are about 3-4 mm long.

Luzula pilosa

These flowers are at an earlier stage, showing the 3 stigmas.  From our LNHG field trip at Ford in April 2016.

Luzula pilosa   Luzula pilosa

The seed-capsules are green and much longer than the tepals.

Luzula pilosa   Luzula pilosa

It is an attractive plant in full bloom, with the flower stalks in all directions, the older ones curving downwards.

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