Species of the Month - January 2012


Fringilla montifringilla

With no end in sight to the stormy weather and little incentive to venture outdoors, this month's species is one you may see from your living-room window - if you're very lucky.  The Brambling is a winter visitor from Scandinavia that sometimes comes to garden bird feeders.  Away from gardens you are most likely to find it in beech woods.

  Fringilla montifringilla

I don't have any Brambling photos but Terry Robilliard has kindly provided this one.  The bird has a white belly and orange breast, with the orange extending onto the shoulders and wing-bars.  On a Chaffinch the breast is pinkish merging to greyish on the belly, and the wing-bars are white.  The Brambling is easily picked out in flight by its long white rump. (Bullfinches also have a white rump)

Bramblings are often found in the company of Chaffinches, so if you have a group of Chaffinches in your garden look out for any that are a bit different.

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Carl Farmer
G Biological Records Manager

Sightings so far

Judith had one in the garden on 12 Dec and says she has had a few every year since about 2001

1 Jan: Tina saw one in birch woodland at Kilmore, says they have been there for a while.

3 Jan: Tina had 3 in the garden.

9 Feb: One on the peanut feeder here in Taynuilt - Carl

18 Mar: Judith had one in the garden.

Note you can still send in records for past species of the month.  Here is the list of species we've had so far:

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