Species of the Month - June 2014

Forester Moth

Adscita statices

Moth books show the Forester as bright green but it normally looks blue to me when seen in the field.  The first time I saw one I didn't even realise it was a moth.


Adscita statices

It flies by day and is on the wing from late May to mid July when it visits various flowers for nectar and hunts for Common Sorrel leaves on which to lay its eggs.

Adscita statices   Adscita statices

It is declining in Britain and is a UK BAP Priority Speices.  In Scotland it is confined to west Argyll and parts of the Solway coast.   Forester Surveys in Argyll 2014 by Andrew Masterman has all the latest into including maps and a list of records.  It would be good if we can add to these this year.

The photos above show males with broad, shortly feathery antennae.

Adscita statices   Adscita statices

Above left is a female, with sligthly narrower antennae than the male.  The wing length is about 11-13 mm in the females and 12-15 mm in the males.  A glimpse of the distinctive banded abdomen is on the right.

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G Biological Records Manager

Sightings so far

13 June: Rosemary Neagle saw 2 at Carnasserie Farm

14 June: Gordon Gray Stephens spotted one on the LNHG walk at Old Poltalloch.  Photo below.  Rob Lightfoot found another nearby.

Adscita statices

15 June: I saw several between Carnasserie and Ormaig

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