Species of the Month - October 2012

Dryad's Saddle

Polyporus squamosus

The Dryad's Saddle is a spectacular bracket fungus that grows on dead deciduous trees, often Sycamore but also Beech, Ash, Willow, etc, and helps to rot them down.  The NBN map shows very few records in NW Scotland, yet it has been seen 3 times by lnhg members in the last month, first at Dunollie by Margaret Powell-Joss, then on Mull by Cynthia Grindley, and finally we were shown it at Kinlochleven by Hamish Small.  The first two of these were on Sycamore, and the third was on an Ash which had been cut down to make a wooden seat.  The wooden seat was placed on the opposite side of the path to the remains of the Ash, and the fungus is now growing on both the seat and the tree it was made from!

Polyporus squamosus
Photo by Cynthia Grindley

The cap can be up to 60 cm wide and is orange-buff in colour, becoming browner as it matures.  It is covered in dark brown scales arranged in concentric rings, and is attached to the tree by a short stem.  The underside is white, creamy yellow or pale buff, and covered with angular pores about 1 mm across.

Polyporus squamosus
Photo by Cynthia Grindley

This may be an exceptionally good year for the fungus in our area so it will be interesting to see if there are any more sightings.  You're not likely to walk past one without noticing it.

Polyporus squamosus
Photo by Margaret Powell-Joss


Polyporus squamosus
Photo by Margaret Powell-Joss

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G Biological Records Manager

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