Species of the Month - August 2016

Black Darter

Sympetrum danae

Sympetrum danae

The Black Darter is on the wing from mid-July to mid-October, making it one of the latest dragonflies of the season.  It frequents bog pools and peaty lochans.  The male is unmistakable, it is our only black dragonfly.  The various species of Emerald dragonfly can look black if not well seen, but they are clearly green or metallic blue if you get a good view in good light.

Sympetrum danae

Female Black Darters are yellow, with black underneath the abdomen extending up the sides.  They can be confused with female Highland Darters which are similarly coloured.  The best distinguishing feature is the dark inverted triangle on the thorax.  All Black Darters have this, apart from mature males whose thorax is all black.  The Highland Darter never has this mark.

Sympetrum danae

This is an immature male, coloured like a female but easily told as a male by the shape of the abdomen, which narrows in the middle and broadens out again towards the end.  The black triangle on the thorax is clearly visible here.

Sympetrum danae

This is an over-mature female, with the yellow having darkened to brown.  If there was any doubt, the straight-sided abdomen proves it to be a female, and the dark triangle on the thorax shows it to be a Black Darter.

Sympetrum danae

Another male.  Both sexes perch on vegetation and also like to bask on rocks.  They don't go in for long flights without resting, like some species, so if they are present you should get good views and opportunities for photos.

Sympetrum danae

A female basking in the sun.  The Black Darter is a small dragonfly, shorter than most damselflies, but its abdomen is much wider than that of a damselfly, and like all dragonflies it spreads out its wings when at rest.

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Sightings so far

Aug 4: Male seen by Rob Lightfoot at his garden wildlife pond, Glen Euchar


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