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Aphantopus hyperantus

Aphantopus hyperantus

The Ringlet is on the wing from late June to early August.  Most sightings are in July.  It is not a common butterfly but can be numerous where it occurs.  It often flies in dull weather when other butterflies stay out of sight, but it will also fly in sunshine.

Ringlets are very active and difficult to get close to, but it can be done as the photo above by Caroline Anderson shows.

Aphantopus hyperantus   Aphantopus hyperantus

These photos by Judith Witts show a Ringlet visiting a Greater Butterfly Orchid, and a female Ringlet with wings open, which is the only time you can tell the sexes.  The male upperside is darker and has very inconspicuous spots.

Female Ringlets lay eggs on grass by dropping them from the air in flight.  The caterpillars feed on the grass and pupate in June the following year.

Aphantopus hyperantus, male   Aphantopus hyperantus, male   Aphantopus hyperantus, male

These are the only Ringlet photos I've ever managed myself.  They are of a male on bracken at Fearnoch, Taynuilt.

Aphantopus hyperantus

A somewhat closer view by Caroline.  This pattern of spots on the underside of the hindwing - often the only part of the butterfly that's showing when it's at rest - is diagnostic for the Ringlet.  Apart from the spots, the colouring of the wings is remarkably uniform.  Male Meadow Browns also have a fairly uniform brown upperside, with a single spot, but their underside is strongly bicoloured.


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