Species of the Month - July 2012


Hipparchia semele

The Grayling appears in July but can be hard to see, as it always rests with its wings closed and is often camouflaged against coastal rocks as in the picture below.  It rests facing into the sun so as not to cast a shadow.  It will lower the forewing so as to hide the eye-spot if it wants to be even more invisible, but will raise it and show the eye-spot if it wants to scare you off!

Hipparchia semele

This butterfly is most likely to be seen on the coast, but it can occur inland especially in sheltered rocky sites with dry sparsely-vegetated ground.  It is declining in many areas and is a UK BAP priority species.

Hipparchia semele   Hipparchia semele

The females lay their eggs on or near tufts of grass, which the caterpillars feed on until the approach of winter, when they hibernate deep down in the grass and resume feeding the following spring.

.Hipparchia semele

Like other butterflies, the Grayling has to feed on flower nectar from time to time, and that is when it is most visible.

Hipparchia semele on Cakile maritima

Help us learn more about the distribution and preferred habitats of this butterfly in our area.  Please send in your sightings using the form below.

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Carl Farmer
G Biological Records Manager

Sightings so far

7 July: David Jardine saw one at the quarry just south of Culipool

19 July: Sallie saw several at Sanna, Ardnamurchan

24 July: Sallie saw one in Ballachulish Quarry

28 July: Sallie saw lots at Tentsmuir, Fife

31 July: Sallie saw another (or the same one!) in Ballachulish Quarry

2 Aug: Jan saw one in Ballachulish Quarry

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