Species of the Month - March 2012

March Moth

Alsophila aescularia

In March we cautiously start to open our windows a little and there are several moths flying around on mild nights who might pay us a visit.  The March Moth is one of the easiest to recognise, owing to its resting posture with one wing folded over the other.

It is about 18-20 mm long and not very variable, though some are a greyer brown than others.  The pale blaze on the outer part of each wing near the tip, and the jagged dark area above it, should remove any doubt.  Note also the smudgy dark diagonal line going down to the wingtip.

Alsophila aescularia

It's a good idea to take a photo of any moths that come in, as with the resolution on modern cameras you can see far more detail in a photo than by looking at the moth itself, also you can study the photo long after the moth is gone.  I'm happy to look at any photos people send in of this or any other kind of moth.

There are only about 7 records on the NBN for the March Moth in VC98 so it would be nice to add a few more.

Please send in your March Moth sightings using the form below.

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Carl Farmer
G Biological Records Manager

Sightings so far

Alsophila aescularia

This one came to my window on the night of 3 Mar - Carl


Alsophila aescularia

5 Mar - This one was at rest on an oak trunk in the sun at Knipoch.  I only saw it because I happened to choose that spot for a quick gall check with the lens.

17 Mar - had another one at my window on a very cold night.

21 Mar - another at the window.

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