Species of the Month - November 2012

Feathered Thorn

Colotois pennaria

This moth will often come to a lit window or doorway in November, and is easily reconised since nothing else that flies at this time of year looks like it.  In fact you can probably recognise it even if it's on the outside of your window and you're inside.  In such a case it would be best to take a photo and to measure the moth.  The forewing length of the Feathered Thorn is about 20-23 mm.

Colotois pennaria

Note the white dots near the wing corners, and the brown dots in between the two brown lines above them.

Colotois pennaria

The male, which is more likely than the female to come to light, has large feathery antennae.  In this example the white dots are obscure and the brown ones seem to have worn off completely.

Colotois pennaria

In late autumn and early winter the males are flying about looking for females, and the females are looking for sites to lay their eggs, which can be on any of a number of common trees such as oak, willow, birch, etc.  The eggs hatch in Spring into caterpillars which eat the leaves of whatever tree or bush they're on until about mid-June when they're ready to pupate.  They then drop to the ground and bury themselves a short way under the soil to emerge as an adult moth in autumn.

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Carl Farmer
G Biological Records Manager

Sightings so far

7 Nov, a male came to lit window overnight, Taynuilt - Carl

9 Nov, a fresh well-marked male (different to the 7 Nov one) came to the lit front door at Taynuilt - Carl

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