Species of the Month - September 2013

Parrot Waxcap

Hygrocybe psittacina

September is the waxcap month, when unfertilised grasslands, be they lawns, churchyards, or hills grazed by sheep, become studded with brightly-coloured mushrooms.  One of the easiest waxcaps to recognise is the Parrot Waxcap with its unique green colouring.

The amount of green on each fruitbody is very variable.  Any part of cap, stem and gills can be green, and any part can lack the green and look yellowish, orange or dull pinkish-brown.

Hygrocybe psittacina var psittacina   Hygrocybe psittacina var psittacina

Even without any green the species can be recognised.  The cap and the stem are both extremely slimy.  The LH pic above shows the gelatinous coating forming a transparent margin as it goes over the cap edge.  The stem is so slimy that it will slip through your fingers if you try to hold it.

Hygrocybe psittacina var psittacina

The main confusion species is Hygrocybe laeta, the Heath Waxcap, which is also very slimy and can be green at the top of the stem - but nowhere else.  A big difference between the Parrot and Heath Waxcaps is that on the Parrot Waxcap the gills go strongly upwards as they meet the stem.  In the Heath Waxcap the gills turn down as they meet the stem.

No other waxcap species show any green.  In the photo above the gills are green so it has to be the Parrot Waxcap.  The cap is broken but if it was put back into shape the ascending gills would be evident.

Hygrocybe psittacina var psittacina



Hygrocybe psittacina var psittacina

The LH pic above shows green at the stem-top only.  This could in theory be Heath Waxcap, but because the gills clearly go upwards as they near the stem it has to be Parrot.  The RH pic once again shows the gelatinous cuticle forming a transparent rim to the cap.

Hygrocybe psittacina var psittacina

Finally an amazing flash photo by Robert of Parrot Waxcaps with totally green caps and stems, in the unusual habitat of woodland, on our recent Lismore foray.

Thanks to Robert MacPherson for this photo and to Jan Hamilton for the first four photos.


Please send in your Parrot Waxcap sightings using the form below, or email sightings@lnhg.org.uk with the details if you prefer.  If you are not sure of the identity of your waxcap, please send a photo to sightings@lnhg.org.uk, or put one on the LORN forum and let me know it is there.

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Carl Farmer
G Biological Records Manager

Sightings so far

6 Sep: found by Cynthia at Balameanach, Mull

7 Sep: found by Cynthia at Kintra, Mull

9 Sep: found by Cynthia at Knock, Mull

9 Sep: found by Cynthia at Killiechronan, Mull

12 Sep: found by Jan at Dalnatrat

13 Sep: found by Carl at Taynuilt and at Inverawe

23 Sep: found by Liz on Lismore

24 Sep: found by Carl on LNHG field trip at Appin

25 Sep: found by Cynthia at Glencoe

28 Sep: found by Cynthia on Coll

29 Sep: found by Carl near Kilmartin


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